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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Tokyo Ghoul Anime

7 Reasons Why Tokyo Ghoul Is One of the Best Shows of 2018, Even If You're Not a Fan of Anime

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime series that was originally aired in 2014. It has been dubbed the best show of 2018 even if you are not a fan of anime.

The show is based on a manga series of the same name that was authored by Sui Ishida. The story revolves around Ken Kaneki, who becomes half-ghoul after being attacked by one at a café he frequented.

Ken is then taken in by the ghouls and learns to coexist with them, while also being pursued by members of the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG), an organization set up to exterminate ghouls.

Tokyo Ghoul has been dubbed as one of the best shows in 2018 because it has great production values, great storytelling, and also because it's only 12 episodes long.


Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese manga series written by Sui Ishida.

The manga follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who survives an accident that turns him into a half-ghoul.

He quickly learns that he must eat human flesh to survive, but struggles with the idea of killing people for food.

Tokyo Ghoul has been adapted into an anime series and two live-action films in Japan, with the second film scheduled to be released in 2020.

Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorite anime series because it has an interesting storyline and I feel like it's also very relatable.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Review Dark, Gory and Gruesome, I love it

One of the main themes of this show is violence, so before I go deeper into my review, it's worth mentioning that. Episode 1 will show you the kind of content you can expect from this show. . I always love seeing the ups and downs which happen to these characters over the course of the series. It was great to watch them grow, learn, make mistakes, make amends, and come out better for it.

Tokyo Ghoul is a manga in which humans have to coexist with a race called the"ghouls." Unlike humans, ghouls can't eat regular food because they can only delay their hunger by eating human flesh, blood, and organs . You could say ghouls are like zombies, but they don’t come back from the dead and some people might see them as a more powerful species. Unlike zombies, ghouls have an extra organ that allows them to become more powerful when they feed on other humans.

The direction of the show is one of my favorite things about Tokyo Ghoul. I’m going to give my best shot and discuss the basic plot without giving major details because I want readers to experience it for themselves if they decide to watch. TQF presents a gritty and dark look at the day-to-day life of a ghoul, an omnivorous demon that lives off the psychic energies of humans. I really liked this show because it has a great story and does not waste your time with unnecessary filler episodes. I would recommend it to anyone who likes thoughtful writing combined with good gore.

Tokyo Ghoul has a way with characters that I have not seen with any other anime. All of them are very well-written, which had me invested in them whether they were good or evil. Tokyo Ghoul is a great anime that has great character development. You'll want to know what happens for a good or a bad reason.. learning more about who he truly is and the burden he carries. At that moment, he became an important addition to the cast. From what I could tell, all of the voice actors who provided the voices for the anime did a great job. However, there was one that had particularly drawn my attention; it's hard to explain exactly why, but I think it was because they captured an emotion so well.

Christopher Sabat plays many roles, including some of the most iconic ones. Some of his most well-known characters are Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo from Dragon Ball, Alex Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist, and All Might from My Hero Academia. His roles in these movies are amazing, but his take on Jason truly shows a depth you don't get to see too often. Even before we learn about his backstory, he is prominent in the anime and can make you shiver with fear. As the Big Bad of the season, Sabat takes this role and gives a standout performance. This season's Big Bad, Sabat, stands out as one of the series' best villains.


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