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Blade of the Immortal Review - A Masterful and Monumental Anime


Blade of the Immortal is a manga series by Hiroaki Samura. The series follows the story of a samurai, Manji, who has been cursed with eternal life after being attacked by a woman who was trying to kill him. The curse is that he must kill one thousand evil men in order to break the curse and die.

Blade of the Immortal has been translated into English from its original Japanese release and is published in North America by Dark Horse Comics.

The story

The story follows a samurai named Manji who had been cursed with immortality by the blood of an angry demon. He was given this curse because he was ordered to kill 100 evil people in 100 days, and then commit seppuku (ritual suicide) on the 101st day.

He has been cursed for 200 years, and his body is now a mass of scar tissue and wounds. His hair is white and his skin is pale. He carries a katana, but it's so old that it can't cut anymore.

Main Characters

The manga Blade of the Immortal is a story about Manji and Rin Asano, two master swordsmen who live by the philosophy "kill one to save a hundred." The manga was written and illustrated by Hiroaki Samura and was first published in Japan in 1991.

Animation / Visuals

The animation is done in a style that is very interesting and captivating. It has a lot of detail and the images are beautiful.

The visuals in Blade of the Immortal are done very well. They are not too much or too little, they are perfect for what they need to accomplish. The colors used are dark, but not dark enough to make it hard to see what is happening on the screen. There is also a lot of detail in the background that you can see as you watch the movie which makes it more interesting to watch.

Conclusion and Score

The blade of the immortal is a Japanese manga series written by Hiroaki Samura. The manga was created in 1993 and has been translated into English in 2003.

The rating system for anime reviews is a way to rank how good an anime is.

This rating system consists of five stars that range from one to five, with one being the lowest and five being the highest score.

Conclusion: The blade of the immortal has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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