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The Anime Death Parade Watches You

Introduction: What is Death Parade?

Death Parade is an anime series that is set in a bar. The bar is called the Quindecim and the afterlife. The bar has a variety of games for those who are waiting for their judgment after death.

The anime series follows Decim, a man who runs the Quindecim, as he judges souls from their past life’s memories and decides whether they should be reincarnated or sent to hell.

Death Parade is an anime series that was created by Madhouse Studios in 2015. It was directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and produced by Yasuyuki Ueda.

What are the Main Characters and Where Does it Take Place?

In a near future, Japan has become a 'death game' society. In order to find the meaning of life and death, the government has created an annual event where people are chosen by lottery to participate in 'death games'. The goal is to survive for 12 hours against horrific and deadly traps in a closed city.

The main characters are:

-Nona: A woman w-Green Man: A handsome man who was chosen by lottery to be a participant, and he was one of the few who would be chosen in this way just got married and is now pregnant with her first child. She is one of the participants in the death game.

-Red Man: A mysterious man who was chosen by lottery to be a participant in the death game. He wears red clothes with black eyes that make him look like an evil spirit or demon.

-Green Man: A handsome man who was chosen by lottery to be a participant

How Does the Game Work and What Happens at the End of Each Episode?

The game is a series of puzzles and mysteries that the player needs to solve. The player will have to explore the environment, talk to other characters, and use the items they find in order to solve each mystery.

There are no levels in this game. Instead, there are episodes that all have different endings based on how you play them. The player will be able to save their progress at any time so they can explore as much as they want before deciding on an ending.

Conclusion: Why People Watch Death Parade

The game works by having players make decisions for the protagonist, Lee. Players are asked to make choices that will affect how people react to Lee in the game. The player will also have to make decisions on how they want Lee to act and what they want him to say.

At the end of each episode, players are given a choice on what happens next. Players can choose from three different options: stay with Kenny, head back with Jane, or go off on their own.


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