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The Exorcist Anime: what's it about and why you should watch it

Introduction: A Brief History of the Anime Industry and How It Evolved

Anime is a form of animated media originating from Japan. These animations are known for their colorful artwork and fluid motion. The first anime was created in 1917 by Oten Shimokawa. This animation was called “Chikara to Onna no Yo no Naka” and it depicted a woman who could not move, but had the power to control nature.

This type of animation has evolved throughout the years. The first anime series to air on television in 1963 was called “Astro Boy”. It became a hit with children because of its use of comedy and action scenes. It also helped popularize the genre outside of Japan because it aired on American TV stations such as NBC and CBS during the 1960s-1970s.

Why you Should Watch Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist is a shonen anime series that follows the adventures of Rin Okumura, a seemingly normal boy who lives with his family on the grounds of an old temple. One day, his twin brother Yukio tells him about their true heritage: they are both sons of Satan and Rin is a demon.

The story follows Rin as he learns to live with his new powers and deals with the constant battle between good and evil. The show has been well received by critics for its humor, story, characters, animation style, and soundtrack.

Conclusion: What Makes "Blue Exorcist" a Great Anime? And Why You Should Watch It.

This anime is a great watch because of its originality. It takes the traditional story of an exorcist and adds a twist.

It has a great cast of characters that are all well developed and have their own quirks. The animation is also top-notch.

The conclusion is that "Blue Exorcist" is a great anime to watch because it has originality, interesting characters, and excellent animation.


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